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Monday, November 15, 2010

What is Google Analytics?

As social media begins to play a larger and larger role in a company’s public relations strategy, the more it becomes necessary to be able to measure its effectiveness with numbers and statistics. Well there is a program that can solve this need. It is called Google Analytics.

Google Analytics provides the ability to monitor and closely follow traffic to a blog or website. It allows website/blog administrators to see where every single person who viewed their content came from. It gives not only the geographic location, but how the person came across the blog or website whether it be through Google or directly through directly typing in the website url.
The power the program gives its users is almost always understated. When utilized to its fullest potential, Google Analytics can not only increase website traffic, but boost SEO and lead to better interactivity with blog readers and website visitors.

So What?
In my previous internship, I managed our company’s Google Analytics account, which was something I was not initially too excited about. However after working with the program for a few weeks, I became obsessed. 

I was able to find the zip code of every single visitor that visited all of our company’s blogs and websites. It was almost scary how much I knew about our website visitors. If you are not sold on how important this can be for a company, let me give you a few personal examples of how Google Analytics helped the company I worked for. 
I worked in the public relations department, so I primarily focused on the company’s three blogs.  One day while looking at the program I noticed that we were getting an extremely high flow of traffic to one of our blogs from zip codes in central Florida. I told my boss about the heavy concentration of blog traffic from that area so we worked together to put together a blog post that tailored to that particular area yet featured our product. 

The results were astounding. We received an incredible amount of comments and feedback from readers (particularly from those Florida zip codes) which not only boosted our SEO, but also led to a boom in sales. 

While this example displayed the power Google Analytics provides blogs, the same goes for websites.
For companies and bloggers to maximize their online product’s potential, Google Analytics is not just a useful tool, but a necessary one. With the role blogs and social media play in the world of PR today, the potential the program provides the industry is limitless.
For information on how to install and use Google Analytics, please visit the following websites. and

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