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Thursday, November 18, 2010

PR Student Seeking Law Degree

What I’ve learned from my undergraduate degree in PR

It’s fall semester at the University of Minnesota and it’s becoming more and more clear that my time at the U is coming to an end. Freshmen gossip about their crazy nights in the dorms, while my fellow senior classmates thrust open calendars to schedule mock interviews (and real ones too!), resume building workshops, portfolio reviews, and networking events. Their lives are consumed in getting that perfect PR job, which can be seen in the post after post in the PRSSA blog roll. But my schedule has taken on a different set of objectives, ranging from practice LSATs (Law School Admissions Test), setting up coffee dates with past mentors and professors to request the ever-important letters of recommendations, and writing personal statements regarding my future as a law student.

Why not just be a political science major? Or history?
Well, let me be honest about this one. I have minors in both political science and history. BUT I wanted more. I wanted a field of study that felt applicable to the real world. Not a regurgitation of theories and famous dead philosophers and social deviants. And my studies in Public Relations have given that to me.

Being able to properly communicate is an incredible feat. Not being able to do this, quite literally is detrimental to your career prospects. PR tactics and strategies have truly provided a solid foundation for writing and communicating ideas in a thorough manner.

Social media
We are living in an ever-changing world in which technology is constantly creating new forums for discussions. PR is one of the leading fields to take on social media and create opportunities within this uncharted land. I seek to take this unabashed lull into new realms as I seek to crawl my way through three years of dry, black and white jargon. I will not forget this willingness to explore new opportunities as I one day seek a career as an attorney.

PR professionals could not be successful without their expansive relationships with people in the media industry and throughout the community. Never have I been more impressed by a profession in actively creating and maintaining relationships as I have been with the Twin Cities PR industry. This mentality will bring me opportunity, whether it finding a mentor, receiving advice, or even finding a career.

Cap and Gown Ordered, Gradation Here I Come
Looking back at my undergraduate choices, choosing to study Public Relations has created grounds for me to walk into law school with a different perspective. I love history and I love political science, but now, I truly feel like I can understand the principals of several communication professions in actively participate in the media driven world. So bon voyage PR, I may be leaving your presence for the next three years, but something tells me that you will reappear throughout my working career in one form or another.

Michelle Hersh
University of Minnesota
Jour 3279
Blog Assignment