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Monday, November 29, 2010

Magical Holiday Ad Breaks as Latest in Famous Footwear’s “Make Today Famous” Campaign

Famous Footwear’s holiday advertising debuted nationwide this week with a 30-second run through snow in a spot called “Frozen Moments.” Developed by agency Campbell Mithun, the ad presents a young woman moving in slow-motion down a snowy sidewalk past (and over) her neighbors, who are engaged in a series of winter vignettes – showcasing the most famous shoe brands, of course.

“This spot captures the magic of the holiday and conveys that even the shoes on your feet can contribute to the creation of memorable moments. The technique here presents an emotional story arc for viewers, with our shoes nearly becoming characters within it,” said Famous Footwear Senior Vice President of Marketing Will Smith.

The ad represents the latest in the retailer’s “Make Today Famous” campaign and uses the emotional picket-fence scene to present shoes within the context of “famous holiday moments.” Famous Footwear intends for the slow-motion scene to motivate consumers to shop its buy-one-get-one-half-off holiday sale. The spot runs nationwide, with companion radio, through the end of the year.

Creating “Frozen Moments”

Campbell Mithun filmed the winter spot on two summer nights (really!) using a digital phantom camera, which shoots at an extremely high frame speed, 300 frames per second in this case, to create the final slow-motion result. The crew shot five background scenes to create the context of neighborhood action surrounding a young woman as she runs past dropping packages, flying snowballs, a whizzing sled, a tipping ladder and in-transport holiday goodies, to meet her young man arriving via taxi.

“A layering of scenes accomplished our objective to engage consumers. The main character carries the emotion and narrative tension, and the contextual scenes add depth as well as additional opportunities for meaningful shoe-centric camera angles,” said Campbell Mithun Art Director Andy Anema.

To create the winter wonderland, the agency “snowed” the location by covering it with white blankets and truckloads of cotton-fiber-based realistic, packable snow. Sound for the spot, created by Nylon Studios, finalizes the snow-globe wonderland feel.

Other creative partners included Loni Peristere, director, and Brett Nicoletti, editor, both of Zoic Studios. Agency credits include: Robert Clifton Jr, executive creative director; Andy Anema, art director; Bill Johnson, copywriter; and Alex Colvin and David Howell, producers. Spark is the media agency.

Make Today Famous
Famous Footwear’s Make Today Famous campaign was created by Campbell Mithun in 2009. The campaign features vignettes showing how people can make even everyday activities “famous” in their own unique ways, influenced by the shoes on their feet. The 2010 holiday ad represents the fifth seasonal effort under the Make Today Famous campaign umbrella and follows the recent 2010 Back-to-School executions featuring fast-paced “time-slice” moments.