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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Exploring Unemployment - What are my strengths and weaknesses?

Last week I attempted to answer the question: "What separates me from the competition?" This discussion included some of my strengths. One thing that I am really good at is managing big projects with lots of moving pieces. I can create a project plan in no time, as well as envision the resources it will take to reach our goal. I enjoy this, and I believe it is what I excel at.

This week's focus on weaknesses is a very tender discussion for me. For those of you that have experienced being laid off, you know the insecurities that quickly creep into your mind. Maybe I am not good at what I do? Maybe I need to rethink my career path? Will I ever find a job I love again?

But I committed to sharing a few of my weaknesses, so here we go.

An area that I struggle greatly with is attention to detail. There are very gifted and talented people who have eagle-eyes and can pinpoint every grammatical error they see. In PR it is critical to have team members who can write flawlessly. I am not that person. My strength is not performing detailed, mundane tasks like proof reading and editing. For me, writing takes time and intentionality and even then I still have tpyos typos.

Another weakness of mine is that I'm a natural procrastinator when my plate is not full. For example, one of the reasons I started this blog is because at the time my work load was light enough that I needed something to challenge me and keep me focused each day. I do best work when I have a lot on my plate. Juggling projects and deadlines forces me to stay focused and on task. Throughout my career this weakness has inspired me to complete my MBA, explore volunteer opportunities and participate in ongoing networking events. Rather than face daily procrastination, I will seek out whatever I need to, to ensure that I have enough momentum to keep moving me forward and engaged in my daily workload.

While I am not detail-oriented and can sometimes be a procrastinator, I am fearless in my style of leadership. I am not afraid to make quick decisions and take calculated risks. I am extremely good at reading other people and getting them to perform at their best. I'm passionate about helping people develop their careers and watching them succeed alongside me. Both personally and professionally, I am a team player. I don't believe in individual success.

I can only guess what my next job will look like. Until then, I agree with a fellow unemployed colleague who said it best when he said to me, "We will find jobs we love because we are damn good at what we do."

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