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Friday, November 05, 2010

Agency Profile - C.E.L. Public Relations

C.E.L. Public Relations is passionately committed to the betterment of business, family and the community. Clients are often drawn to the full service-marketing firm because of this commitment and they stay because they experience the value it brings to their business.

For more than twenty years, clients have trusted C.E.L. as their marketing partner, bringing their message to the marketplace in a Creative, Effective and Lasting way. Led by co-owners Cindy Leines and Kari Logan, each member of the C.E.L. team touches every project that comes through the firm, bringing a perfect storm of creativity and expertise to each client.

C.E.L. helps clients strategically plan, implement and ultimately grow their business using effective public relations. They do it with strategic planning, branding, media relations, graphic design, web design, social media and a drive to positively impact people’s lives and the life of the communities they live and work in. The firm has won numerous industry awards and consistently ranks in Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal’s list of Top 25 PR Firms.

From re-branding a historic Minneapolis event and securing 62 television segments over a three day period to creating a tradeshow promotion that drew a line of 300 people, the firm gets results and clients get a big return on their investment. Clients have described them as good interpreters, creative strategists, effective writers, talented designers, and media mavens. Together, the team created an award-winning campaign that spread across the country and parts of the world. C.E.L. clients have appeared on Good Morning America and on the cover of national trade magazines.

C.E.L. began implementing “Real Time PR” with the launch of their Social Media Incubator™ in 2009. The sister company helps small and midsize businesses strategically unleash the power of social media tools, while researching and developing best practices. There is a strong focus on ROI and growth with this cost-effective social media solution.

Through hard work and commitment to core beliefs, C.E.L. works with a myriad of clients – both for-profit and nonprofit. This Minneapolis-based agency serves clients who are in arts & entertainment, health and education, technical learning, home services, hospitality, financial service, and retail services – all based on strong values of service.

Cindy Leines CEO says, “In a world of identity theft, consumer fraud and Wall Street rip off, where Bernie Madoff ‘made off’’ with peoples life savings, businesses have an obligation to be true to the people they serve. We believe that if we work ethically and stay true to our value system, we help others succeed and by doing so, create our own success.”