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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gap: Bad Logo or Good PR

By now you have likely heard about Gaps tremendous blunder in logo design. Are we really to believe that Gap, a multi-million dollar company, is really unsophisicated enough to create a logo without any market research?

 What does this mean for the company? According to the AP News story, "Gap North America president Marka Hansen said in a statement late Monday that the San Francisco-based company realized how much people liked the old logo after they put up the new one." Hmm...would a company really do this on purpose? When was the last time you saw Gap get this much publicity?

Probably not everyone remembers 1985 and the launch of "New Coke." Coca-Cola spent $4 million on market research trying to see what its drinkers wanted. All signs pointed to more sugar and sweeter flavor. But when the product launched consumers were outraged. At the time, Coca-Cola was in a fearsome soft-drink battle with Pepsi. When they introduced the new formula there was a backlash from Coca-Cola drinkers. The company received letters, protests and even lawsuit threats. Just ten weeks later, the company withdrew New Coke and reintroduced its century-old formula as “Classical Coke”, giving the old formula even stronger status in the marketplace.

Could it be that Gap is playing out of Coca-Cola's playbook?