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Friday, July 16, 2010

Shrinking in a Growing World

We live in a world fueled by technology that was unimaginable just a generation ago. (Though I am still a little disappointed that we don’t have flying cars of many of the helpful time-saving tools from The Jetsons just yet.) We have the ability to be more connected to others all over the world. There is the opportunity to learn from different cultures, different regions, and from others with unique ideas.

However, there is a very real danger in the fact that so many tools exist that allow us to insulate ourselves with technology. We can create custom pages via tools like MyYahoo, iGoogle, or netvibes that provide the news we want to see, from the sources we like. We can surround ourselves with our like-minded friends and post what feels comfortable or reassuring on our Facebook pages, knowing that our friends will generally be positive and supportive. I’m not much of a political guy but you can choose the “news” you want to watch that fits in line with your political beliefs.

It is entirely possible to now build a world that is only as you want it. And if any piece of it dares push you in a way that challenges your thinking or makes it uncomfortable, just unsubscribe from the RSS feed, change the channel, or unfriend someone.

To the many communicators, media professionals, and marketers that actively study human behavior and place value on the importance of thoughts, views, and words; is this a problem? What are your thoughts on how society can continue to grow in our shrinking world?