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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

GdB Unveils Provocative New Window Art

Integrated advertising agency Gabriel deGrood Bendt (GdB) is finally answering an all-too-common question, “What does GdB stand for?” with a series of provocative and imaginative window art illustrations. “Guitar dueling banditos," “Golfers donning brassieres” and “Group of dainty Barbarians” are just a few of the options on view outside agency headquarters at Second Avenue South and 6th Street.

It’s all part of an awareness campaign centered on what the GdB initials represent, which also includes radio and digital banner ads.

“We have a great track record for building our clients’ brands, but we’ve been a bit under the radar in promoting our own,” says Tom Gabriel, CEO and Co-Creative Director. “We hope this will stimulate curiosity, and perhaps generate some online engagement. At worst, it’ll provide a little street-level entertainment.”

At the heart of the campaign is GdB’s themeline and website, Serving as a call to action, it’s also a good articulation of the agency’s obsessive approach to generating simple, yet powerful marketing ideas for its clients.