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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Approving Ads? Morsekode has an app for that!

If finding the hottest bar around the corner or turning your phone into a light-saber has found a home on the iPhone – why not an app that allows busy marketing professionals to review and approve ads on the go?

That’s what the folks at Minneapolis-based creative marketing agency Morsekode were thinking when they developed the Brand Motion iPhone app for their clients.

Clients are able to log in to the application and review their online videos, advertisements and other marketing material at critical approval stages of a project. Comments are easily shared with links to the agency team to keep the creative process moving.

“Morsekode has made viewing our creative projects so simple with their Brand Motion iPhone app,” said HaiVy Thompson, marketing communications consultant with HealthPartners. “It's very easy to install and use. Having their Brand Motion app gives me the ability to roam more freely, within the office or out — even during project crunch time."

A majority of Morsekode’s client work involves video and interactive elements for a diverse group of national and global brands. The app is a tool that every client of the agency can take advantage of and provides a new level of client service.

“We’re all time-starved and this is a fast-moving business,” said Mark Morse, founder and principal of Morsekode. “It’s amazing where technology has come and how we can find creative ways to use it to benefit our clients. It’s really about finding new ways to add value to our brand-building approach.”