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Friday, May 28, 2010

A Day in the Life of a PR Intern

On my first day of interning at Risdall McKinney Public Relations I was a little nervous, but I never thought that within two hours of getting to work I would be in tears. Soon after arriving I was whisked away to a radio recording for a nonprofit that benefits organizations that help families who have dealt with SIDS. While sitting in the car on the way to the recording I was informed that this was not going to be the average first day; and it wasn’t.

The days that have followed have not been much more normal. At my desk I sit surrounded by things of all different natures. There are huge bright neon lights, jars upon jars – think candy store – of candy, book shelves packed with everything anyone would ever need to know and the list goes on. Sitting in this plethora of colors and life, I’m thinking: “Could every job that I have please be like this one?”

Within the subsequent days I have built up my knowledge of PR. I have successfully written a media alert, learned how to create a media list and of course put in the hours doing normal intern work.

After being moved to tears by the radio recording on my first day as a PR intern I learned that a job in public relations is not the average job. There are so many kinds of businesses and experiences that you can offer to your clients that the industry is constantly morphing and the only thing that is consistent is that there is work to be done. There are media alerts, press releases and meetings up the yin yang that the flow of information never seems to stop.

Then I realized that like the uniqueness of sitting in the wonderland that is Risdall Marketing Group, PR campaigns have to be equally as unique and that is why I love this job.

- Brooke Dotson, RMPR Intern