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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

5 Benefits of Blogging for Businesses

Weblogs (blogs), are becoming increasingly popular among internet users, and there are many advantages for PR and marketing professionals to having them accessible to your consumers. Here is a short, but informative list of benefits for PR and marketing professionals and business owners.
  1. Easy to Start
    Starting a blog is half the battle, the other half is what to blog about (once the first post is up you’ll get the hang of it). There are many different types of software available for blogging, most will do the work for you. The software automatically puts the most recent updates or posts at the top, in reverse chronological order.

  2. Provide Easy Access to Company News
    Blogs are a great way to introduce new products, tell of recent changes, latest offers, etc. for your consumers. The information posted will hopefully make readers spread the news to others on social networking sites via linking to your page. The old way of communicating with your consumers was with mailing weekly or monthly newsletters, blogs save you from the hassle that goes along with mailings. They also allow you to update consumers regularly.
  3. Search Engine Friendly
    You are making yourself accessible to hundreds even thousands of people when they use your blog’s key words or search words in their search engine. Search engines are used frequently, so your blog will get a lot of traffic from people just stumbling across it unintentionally.
  4. More Accessible to your Consumers
    The web is what the majority of people go to when wanting more information, so the more sites your business has, the more your consumers will know! Blogs allow readers to post comments, suggestions, etc. which enables them to become more personally connected to your business. Having the consumer read your business’s response to their comment makes them feel they are being listened to, which ensures trust and loyalty in your business.
  5. Listen to your Customers
    Make sure to encourage your readers to post comments, suggestions, etc. so you can see what your customers want, need, or think of your services/product. If you don’t encourage them to make their presence known, they won’t think you care about what they think. 
Somer Davidson
University of Minnesota
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