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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Often referred to as the Brett Favre of dodgeball (ask him to find out why), Eddie Prentiss, straight from a grueling season with the National Dodgeball League team the Las Vegas Vipers, has joined OLSON as creative director.

“Back alley dodgeball has long been a signature part of OLSON's culture, so Eddie is certain to fit right in,” says Tom Fugleberg, executive creative director, OLSON. “I just hope he’s ready for the jump from the professional ranks to playing in a pool or two of Dumpster juice.” Prentiss will be joining OLSON as a creative director, and brings more than just sheer pedigree to the post—he’s also a tremendous mentor."

Besides his illustrious sports career, Eddie has been running his own shop, Prentiss, Inc., and managing operations at the school he founded, Brainco—The Minneapolis School of Advertising, “I think Eddie may have taught a third of our staff at some point—including me,” adds Fugleberg. “And a number of our creatives have taught at Brainco over the years. We’re thrilled to have Eddie on board.”

“I’ve always played to win and had fun along the way,” says Prentiss. “That’s what excites me about OLSON. Advertising is really no different than dodgeball, except I probably won’t break any fingers.” One hopes.

And, for more information about Eddie’s role in the National Dodgeball League, visit (I know you think we’re making that up, but we aren’t.)