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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Morsekode wins new business

Morsekode, a Minneapolis-based creative marketing agency, today announced that it won three new client assignments for interactive marketing and video services – adding to an already active 2010 for the independent agency.

Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota is partnering with Morsekode to create an educational video for K-4th grade students on influenza prevention. Children’s will offer the video to Minnesota school districts this fall.

“At Children’s we are committed to reaching out to the community to educate families about influenza prevention and with the generous support of the Kohl’s Cares For Kids® program, we’re taking our messages to schools around the state,” said Brian Lucas, public relations manager at Children’s. “We are excited to work with Morsekode to create a fun and engaging tool for teachers to use in the classroom while educating students on health and wellness.”

Morsekode and Toro are teaming up for a global product launch with a microsite featuring video and animation. The agency also will conduct an online teaser campaign for the launch from Toro’s Domestic and International Sports & Grounds groups.

“Morsekode has been a great partner from the development of this new product messaging to campaign content ideas that will connect with the audience,” said Jamie Bergen, Toro’s international marketing product manager.
Medtronic turned to Morsekode to create a microsite and video to support product launches with its CardioVascular division.

“These wins continue to demonstrate that our Brand Motion offering is working for some of the best brands in the country,” said Mark Morse, founder and principal of Mosekode. “As we celebrate our eighth year in business, we’re honored to represent such iconic businesses with our approach of dynamic brand communications that contributes to bottom line results.”