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Monday, November 02, 2009

Businesses learn to “adapt or die” with Risdall Marketing Group

To survive, brands must evolve – or go the way of the dinosaur.

As a show of goodwill to current and prospective clients, Risdall Marketing Group (RMG) has been hosting “Adapt or Die” seminars through its Risdall Seminar Series. The first three sessions – on search engine optimization, sponsored search marketing and social media – have drawn increasing larger audiences, with approximately 200 total attendees. “The sessions have been really good, informative and interesting,” said Michelle Lebow from Memoir of Me. “I have enjoyed the changing of presenters and the panel discussions.”

“The resounding success of these seminars punctuates that businesses are hungry to learn how to survive and thrive with the new ways of marketing,” said Ted Risdall, chairman of RMG. “Attendees have learned how to breathe life into their brands and the way they communicate with customers, keeping their businesses from extinction.”

A fourth session, on reputation, will be held at the RMG offices on December 3 from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.:

Evolving Your Reputation
Brands are only as good as the reading on today’s reputation barometer. When it’s positive, brands thrive. However, brand reputation is never static and continually evolves. At the brand-reputation seminar, you will learn how to establish a thought leadership culture for your organization that:
  • Defines and demonstrates your brand
  • Creates opportunities to future proof your brand
  • Protects brand reputation from marketplace threats
  • Instills confidence with the executive team and other stakeholders.
The upcoming seminar costs $97.50 per person and includes breakfast and lunch. To register, visit