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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Don't Get Blacklisted! Email Pitching

Are you on the Blacklist?

some of you are!

Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine is fed up with lazy PR people. He gets 300 or more emails per day, most of which have nothing to do with his publication so he has found a solution. He is blocking every single person who sends him a blast, a non-tailored email or anything that isn't relevant to him. No warning, just blocked. Not only that but he is posting your email on his blog as well.

Are you guilty of blasting and not tailoring your pitch? Have you spent enough time honing your list? According to this list a lot of us are lazy pitchers. Email is an incredibly important PR tool but we need to remember that the reporter/PR relationship is a two way street. They need to write articles and get accurate, relevant information - we provide them with ideas and references. We need to get coverage for our clients. Therefore, we need to work together appropriately and respectfully. Form relationships.

How do we do that? Do your research before you send a pitch. Tailor the email to fit a particular reporter's beat. When you call to follow up make sure you are focusing on what their needs are and what they are working on. Everyone responds well to showing (or at least pretending) you care what is important to them.

If we take our time and focus on making the emails we do send high quality we won't need to send mass emails to every reporter in our database and the reporters that do get it will be more likely to read what we do send and respond favorably - with coverage for your client.