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Monday, October 22, 2007

14 new accounts at RMG

During a robust third quarter, Risdall Marketing Group (RMG) added 14 new accounts to its client roster. The new accounts will add $6.5 million in capitalized billings to RMG’s 2007 annual capitalized billings.

"We’re experiencing growth in all facets of the agency," said Tom Wilson, president of RMG. "From branding to search marketing, Risdall excels at providing integrated marketing services for our clients."

Showcasing its integrated capabilities, RMG announces its new business for quarter three of 2007:
  • Blanchard & Calhoun Commercial – Search Marketing
  • Perfect Reach, Inc., – Search Marketing
  • P S Finance – Search Marketing
  • Park Industries – Search Marketing
  • Grey Fox Pottery – Search Marketing
  • Minnesota Department of Agriculture – Site search redeployment
  • Red Lambda, Inc., – New product introduction
  • Innovative Office Solutions – Branding, key message and a story-development project
  • Pinnacle Communications International, Inc., – Branding, messaging and Web site redesign
  • Sundance Exteriors – Rebranding
  • Anderberg Lund Printing – Rebranding
  • Holbrook and Associates – Interactive support
  • UpOnGreen – Media planning and a future Web site
  • Chanhassen Kitchen & Bath – Web site design and development