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Tuesday, January 16, 2007 – Online Resource for Communications Professionals

Public Relations thrives on networking and collaboration, something that has just become easier with the launch of the industry’s first comprehensive Web forum and interactive community designed specifically for communication professionals,

The free forum aims to take advantage of the resources that the Internet has given communicators and is a place that public relations and communication professionals can go to gain valuable information, advice and resources from people around the world that want to improve their craft.

“We were looking to create a place on the Internet that would be easy to use, free and useful and that would benefit all types of communication professionals at all different skill levels,” said Minnesota-native Brian Flynn, co-founder of the forum and a public relations professional.

As the forum and user community grows, the value and resources that the site provides will grow as well. The Web site plans to add relevant user-generated articles and to post reviews and critiques of other industry blogs and organizations.

The forum will allow people to network with others from around the world, to discuss important industry trends, to find and post job opportunities and to learn about different aspects of communications. The forum is a place that will benefit those who want to get better at their communication careers, from those who are just entering the industry and seeking advice to seasoned veterans looking to keep their ideas fresh and interesting; all at one convenient Web site.

To sign up for the community go to and click “register.”