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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New Digs for Mayor Rybak?

Should Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak ever decide to switch the podium for the pen, there could be a copywriter job waiting for him at Minneapolis’ "newest" downtown agency, Colle + McVoy.

The mayor, well known for supporting downtown investment and championing business growth, yesterday received the keys to Colle + McVoy in honor of “City of Minneapolis Day” – a proclamation by the 130-person advertising, marketing and public relations agency to mark its first day in new offices in the historic Wyman Building at First Avenue North and Fourth Street.

Colle + McVoy CEO John Jarvis presented Mayor Rybak with the keys to the agency and declared Tuesday, September 5, "City of Minneapolis Day" at a special event outside the Wyman Building. The mayor, Colle + McVoy employees and their new Warehouse District neighbors were treated to Joey D’s “Minneapolis Dogs” and entertained by the pulsating, percussive sounds of local band Savage Aural Hotbed.

"It would be a little presumptuous to ask the mayor to declare today 'Colle+McVoy' Day," says Jarvis. "We’d wait at least a week or so for something like that. But we are proud to be part of the booming downtown community and declared today City of Minneapolis Day to honor Minneapolis’ business success and to thank R.T. Rybak and his staff for creating an attractive and energizing place for businesses to converge and call home."

Jarvis gave Mayor Rybak a warm welcome and the keys to the agency should the mayor ever decide to drop by or lend a hand with the agency’s business or long list of non-profit clients.

"We know R.T. can turn a phrase or two and get things done," adds Jarvis. "So if he ever wants to try his hand at copywriting we’ll have a chair waiting for him among our teams. Now, he can let himself in."

Colle + McVoy also has another, equally serious order of business to attend to on its first day in its new space – the announcement of its new "bar of record." Although response was fast and furious to an agency request for proposal (RFP) to all neighborhood bars and restaurants, The Imperial Room, just across the street, won out with the creation of a signature "Colle+McVoyage" blueberry and Stoli cocktail. "They obviously know a good business opportunity when they see it. We agency types like to let off steam after a busy day in the office," adds Jarvis. "I think the whole neighborhood’s going to see a little boom in business once all 130 of us are let loose in the area."