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Friday, December 02, 2005

Writing to write because it feels right

This is a great article it was published in the Business Journal this week and discusses the importance of writing regularly. It addresses some important points for those of us in the field of writing. Here is an excerpt:
Many of you, at some point, would like to write something of significance. I ask my audiences, "How many of you have said to yourselves, 'I'd like to write a book' or 'Someday I'm going to write a book.'" Tons of hands go up. Eagerly.

I follow that question up with, "Keep your hand up if you have the first chapter written." Almost all hands go down. Sheepishly.

For most, there doesn't seem to be much will beyond the "want." Too bad because writing unleashes a whole new set of awareness within you:
  • Writing provides personal insight.
  • Writing clarifies thought.
  • Writing fleshes out existing ideas and generates new ones.
  • Writing creates characters and character.
  • Writing is a discipline -- a self-discipline of the mind.
  • Writing forces you to think from the back of your brain -- the creative section.
  • Writing enhances your creativity.
I think most of us tend to get too busy writing for work, school and volunteer stuff that we forget to write for ourselves. The new year is coming and with it comes a chance to resolve to do things better. Next year, I resolve to tell more stories, not because anyone cares, but because I enjoy telling them and want to improve my writing. Who's with me?

Get the rest of the Business Journal article by Jeffrey Gitomer here.