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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Transition to a New Year

Reflecting on the past year and reading last year's end-of-year report, I am encouraged to see that this site is continuing to grow. Since last year, readership of this site has doubled. Our readership is up to about 80 to 100 unique visits every day and over 2,000 a month since August, 2005.


As many predicted, 2005 showed tremendous growth for Podcasting here in Minnesota and elsewhere.

In addition, as more Internet users subscribed to broadband Internet connetions, 2005 saw the evolution of vlogs. 2005 also witnessed the spamming community jump aboard the blogging revolution with the creation of splogs.


What will 2006 hold for blogging? I think it is safe to assume that blogging will continue to evolve and become more sophisticated as is does. RSS will take blogging to the next level as we see programs like Outlook integrate it into their e-mail software. And Minnesota Public Relations Blog will be here to report on events as they happen.

What about PR?

But what about in the PR community? In 2005, we saw the invention of advertainment, we saw PRSA president and CEO Judith T. Phair testify in front of a Senate Committee on video news release legislation and we, as the PR community scrambled, to come up with a coherent response to the question "What constitutes PR?".

In 2006, I would like to see the PR community here in Minnesota define what public relations means, so that everyone will have a better understanding of what we are talking about when we say that we practice public relations.

The Wiki Experiment!

In an effort to define PR, I have developed a brand new website known as a Wiki. For those of you that don't know what a wiki is it is defined by Wikipedia as a website that allows users to add and edit content and is especially suited for constructive collaborative authoring.

Through the use of this new wiki I hope to get your sense of what it means to practice public relations.

Remember this experiment will only work if you choose to participate so let get going. Put your thinking caps on and help me come up with a definition for public relations.