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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Global PR Blog Week Continues with Corporate Blogging

As Global Pr Blog Week 1.0 continues today we are examining Corporate Blogging. Hans Kullin of Media Culpa offers some interesting ideas on how to launch a corporate blog for a professional services organization.

Here are just a few of Kullin's reasons you may want to think about starting a blog:

Issues management/lobbying

- Many politicians use blogs for opinion building. Organizations and
corporations can too.

Crisis communication

- I have yet not met a PR Manager that honestly can say that he quickly can post messages on the company web site himself on a Saturday afternoon, without having to call some site owner in a central position within the company. A crisis blog could be a quick way to post information in times of crisis, from remote places and on odd hours.

Media relations

- Companies are beginning to experiment with sending press releases via RSS. Predictions are that journalists will start using news aggregators and RSS readers to avoid being dependent on a mail box full of spam. So far, we have no indications that this actually works, rather we can see that the news stories sent out via RSS are being picked up by bloggers who spread the news. For example, the 8 press releases distributed by Apple via RSS between June 8 and June 23, 2004, were all picked up by blogs. In the Bloglines monitoring system, all press releases were picked up, the most popular one with 15 references (certainly more bloggers wrote about the topics without posting a direct link)

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